Drive with peace of mind for up to 5 YEARS and Unlimited Miles

To provide our valued clients with added peace of mind, a Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) is available on every eligible vehicle we sell. WE WANT YOU COVERED, so we offer extended coverage at affordable prices.


99% of the Vehicle Service Contracts our customers buy, sell for just hundreds of dollars.


     A VSC is a form of mechanical break down insurance that protects you against the high cost of repairs. Coverage pays for PARTS AND LABOR on ALL COVERED REPAIRS during the contract period, keeping your transportation budget under control.


We use only high quality, nationally known and recognized VSC providers.


Coverage can offset the high cost of repairs in the following systems; Engine, Transmission, Fuel System, Sensors, Transfer Case, Suspension, Drive Axles, Steering, Brakes, Air conditioning, Cooling, & Electrical systems plus there are benefits for car rental, towing and roadside assistance. Allowable labor rates may vary. $100 deductible and $0 deductible plans are available.


Choose a little coverage or a lot; You pick the coverage, you pick the term.

Choose from plans for that extend to 6, 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months.


Enjoy the security, assurance, and peace of mind that a VSC can provide.  Talk to us for details. We have a plan for every budget.


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